Earl’s Grocery is about keeping it real, just like its namesake. We wanted to bring to Charlotte the foods, spices and beverages you read about in national magazines; without the year-long wait. Now it’s here, real close by in Historic Elizabeth, less than a block from our restaurant Carpe Diem.

Bonnie Warford & Tricia Maddrey

We opened Carpe Diem Restaurant in 1989. Together we have weathered a few moves, economic downturns, and a whole lot of construction projects. Both sets of great grandparents were involved in the food business at one time.  One owned a grocery store in Pennsylvania and the other a bakery in Miami. The tradition of entrepreneurialism is also rich within our family. This collective family consciousness probably led us to crave a new direction. We wanted a less fine dining sibling for Carpe Diem, thus, Earl’s came to fruition. 

We encourage you to tell us what you want us to carry in the store. We want to create a community of food lovers. Whether it’s a soda from Michigan, a potato chip from Ohio, or a hot sauce from Brooklyn, tell us what you crave. We want to try it too.